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Early Stage Market · 2 August '21

5 Airport and Aviation Tech Startups to Watch

After months and months of waiting around many of us can finally start to book holidays overseas. But whilst holiday-goers are eager to enjoy their holiday abroad there is still a worry of catching and spreading the virus – especially in crowded spaces like airports. Here are a few fast-growing airport and aviation tech startups that could help make the whole process of travelling a lot more smoother, efficient and more covid-secure.


Designed for the aviation industry, Zamma is a leading GDPR compliant identity platform that offers next-generation secure infrastructure to verify, manage, and control accurate identity data. Through the use of blockchain technology, Zamna aim to completely automate the whole airport security checking process.

Founder/s: Irra Ariella Khi

Founded: 2016

Recent Funding Rounds: In Zamma’s seed funding round they raised $5 million.


BotsAndUs offer full-stack robotic solutions that help cut costs, increase efficiency and overall boost customer satisfaction.

Founder/s: Adrian Negoita and Andrei Danescu

Recent Funding: In 2020, BotsAndUs received $6M To Deploy Helpful robots In overcrowded or busy Spaces. Since then, Heathrow airport has become one of BotsAndUs’ biggest customers.


OROK are the world’s first provider of a smart, automated baggage and cargo handling service. Their patented fleet of Autonomous Guided Vehicles that help with baggage and cargo handling in the airside part of the airport has been designed to increase profitability, reliability and more security.

Founder/s: William Lambert and Pierrick Boyer

Founded: 2018

Recent Funding: In 2020 OROK completed their first round of fundraising which closed at €500k They will be launching another funding towards the ending of 2021.

Airport AI

Referred to as the “WhatsApp for airports”,  Airport AI offer a highly-specialised customer service platform for airports. Through AI, this start-up helps airports improve their improve passenger experience while reducing customer service costs.

Founders: Pierre Cuquemelle

Founded: 2016


AeroCloud’s mission is to become the largest provider of operation automation software for the small to medium-sized airport market globally.

Founders: Ian Forde-Smith & George Richardson

Funded: 2017

Recent Funding: Earlier this year AeroCloud Systems bagged in $1.7 million in funding to help take on the larger airport servicing giants.

If you’re thinking of jetting of this month, we hope you have an awesome holiday!