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Trends · 2 November '21

How Hinterview is transforming the recruitment process

The traditional 9 to 5, tied to a desk is coming to an end. It might sound obvious, but many employers are only just learning to support their staff, who in turn support the company they work for. This might be shown through a condensed working week, adjusting hours to suit around childcare arrangements, or enabling people to work remotely. The latter of these options is becoming increasingly popular, resulting in a need for technology to match this new way of working.

A sector that is taking advantage of these changes is the recruitment industry. Advancements in technology means recruiters can easily meet, assess, and present candidates to hiring managers remotely, whilst widening talent pools as candidates no longer need to live near their workplace.

London based Hinterview is a market leader in the recruitment technology sector, gaining its position by embracing and developing technology to help recruitment companies place more candidates with video. Their suite of products starts from the beginning of the recruitment process, with personalised, fully editable video messages, moving on to pre-recorded video Q&A, with the option for recruiters to record and share first stage interviews on behalf of their clients – all of which is readily accessible via secure links, removing the need to download clunky software.

Hinterview’s tech fills the need of agencies so acutely because it was made by recruiters. This insider knowledge has reduced the time it takes to hire by a staggering 70%, resulting in an impressive global take up with over 500 recruitment agencies across 30 countries using their products.

Language is an excellent example of Hinterview’s ability to cut through preconceived bias. A candidate might list English as a second language which could place them at a disadvantage. But if an employer sees a video of them speaking fluent English this could take away their misconception, and even place them at an advantage. Meeting someone ‘face to face’ quickly gives a truer reflection of someone when compared to the impression given through a traditional paper cv and cover letter. Hinterview’s products help to reduce bias and therefore enhance diversity, and this is echoed within the company itself which boasts a refreshingly healthy split of men and women working in senior positions.

Recruitment within Hinterview itself has seen an upsurge as the company’s success means staff numbers have doubled in the last 18 months to keep up with demand. To support this growth and continue the business and product development, £1.4m has been raised over the last 12 months including £900k from the Greater London Investment Fund.

Connecting digitally is fast becoming a preferred way to work and recruitment agencies and hiring managers are clearly keen to utilise technology as much as possible to find and place the best candidates in a time when competition is at an all-time high. After all, why not start a new job as you mean to go on.

Andy Simpson, Co-Founder of Hinterview commented: “With the events of the last 18 months, the landscape of recruitment and talent acquisition has changed forever. This change is global, and our software will be translated into numerous languages as we continue to rapidly scale the business.

Paul Shadbolt, Investment Manager for The FSE Group, which manages the £55 million Greater London Investment Fund on behalf of Funding London, commented: “The Greater London Investment Fund is designed to support the expansion of high growth innovative businesses across the Capital. Hinterview ticks all these boxes and we have been delighted to support the company with a series of growth loans over the last 12 months. With more and more companies looking at their recruitment practices and focusing on the candidate experience, Hinterview are well placed to continue their impressive growth journey.”